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Scale bestseller rankings and give your book a fighting chance in a super competitive market.

What's in the ebook?

This 27-page guide will teach you everything you need to know about boosting the growth and sustainability of your author brand and book business through free and bargain book promotions. When others are floundering at the bottom of Amazon’s sales rankings, you’ll be generating the type of publicity that leads to long-term success. 

You'll discover:

  •  How free and bargain book promotions help attract readers
  •  3 powerful KDP Select marketing programs you shouldn't ignore
  •  6 additional KDP promotional tools designed to grow your readership and revenue
  • ​The ins and outs of free promotions as part of your book marketing strategy
  • ​The value of Kindle Countdown Deals and how to use them correctly
  • ​How to prepare and optimize your book campaigns
  • ​The ultimate campaign template for before, during, and after a promotion
  • ​Why you should use free and bargain promotion sites
  • ​The only tool that can submit your free ebook to 25+ promotion sites in minutes.
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